Using Microsoft Teams as project management software (2023)

There is a lack of knowledge about the project management tools available in the market, but there is an incredible amount of project management software that you can use. But when it comes time to use itMicrosoft teamWe can actually have everything we need for project management! Many users know Microsoft Teams as a communication tool. They understand how to communicate with colleagues and team members via chat, audio and video calls, but in reality Microsoft Teams is much more than that.

When everyone was looking for Microsoft project management software and quick access to project management tools, the best MS project management software has probably come out since! So now the question is "How do you use teams to manage projects?".

Microsoft Teams provides a great platform for project management, from live chat to video conferencing, document management, and more. In this article covering everything you need to know about projects and teamwork in Microsoft Teams, we discuss how to use the project management features in Microsoft Teams.

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How can Microsoft Teams help you in the project management process?

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration platform that helps you manage projects by giving team members a central place to communicate, collaborate, and share data. You can use Teams to organize your projects into teams, and then you can use the features and integrations available in the Teams ecosystem to effectively manage your teams.

communication node

Team members can use Microsoft Teams to communicate, share files, and collaborate on tasks all in one place. This makes it easier to track your progress and keep things organized, keeping everyone updated and in sync.

structural channel

The team can then create channels that represent different aspects of the project or focus on specific tasks. This simplifies tasks and keeps teams organized.

The only calendar you'll ever need

Teams has a calendar feature that allows you to schedule meetings, invite team members, and set reminders. This keeps everyone up to date and prevents you from missing out on important meetings.

video conference

With powerful video conferencing features in Microsoft Teams, you can work and meet with teammates from anywhere. oh! Screen sharing tools allow you to share your screen with others for easy remote collaboration.

task manager

While the Teams app is a bit basic, it comes with a lot of task management features that can help you keep track of the work that needs to be done. You can create tasks and assign them to team members, set deadlines and track progress. Task setting and tracking capabilities in Microsoft Teams can then be improved as follows:


Not only is project management in Microsoft Teams incredibly powerful and easy, there are also many amazing Microsoft Teams project management apps waiting to be integrated! what is? Just scroll down to find out!

What third-party Microsoft Teams apps are available for project management?

This is an external listMicrosoft Teams appYou can manage projects in Microsoft Teams.

Flack's syndrome

Teamflect is a project management application for Microsoft Teams that provides many features to help project managers or people managers manage projects or different teams.

Like all teams, project teams have goals and OKRs, right? You can use TeamflectOKR softwareProject team OKR tracker.

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If you have a team in Microsoft Teams, those teams are also visible in Teamflect, so you can use the same framework in Microsoft Teams to track OKRs in Teamflect.

Using Microsoft Teams as project management software (3)

Teamflect can also help you if you want to delegate tasks to project members. You can assign tasks in one-on-one meetings with your employees or simply go to the Teamflect tasks section

Using Microsoft Teams as project management software (4)

Additional project management features

As a project management software, Teamflect offers many different features that allow users to overcome any challenges they may encounter while managing a specific project. While modules such as tasks, goals, and OKRs can be considered the three most important features of project management, projects are not just focused on tasks and to-do lists. These plays are about relationships and interactions. That's why the following three parts are just as important as goals, terms, and tasks when it comes to project management.

Thank you

The effective use of employee recognition tools is an integral part of every project that the team undertakes. Project, like employee performance, should not be seen as a standalone event, but as a process. During this process, group members have a perfectly legitimate need to feel valued. Therefore, using an employee identification tool with configurable identification information that you can send at your discretion is a great tool to integrate with Microsoft's project management practices.


Feedback should be a permanent part of any project. The Microsoft project management software you choose should certainly have features that allow users to exchange constructive feedback seamlessly and seamlessly.


We have entered an era of remote work where simple video chat is no longer considered a viable option for remote conferencing. When you meet as part of a remote team on a project, every second counts. Your project management tool should have features that allow you to automate, take notes during each meeting, and generally make the most of each meeting.

If you are unsure if you should use Teams to manage your projects, we strongly recommend giving Teamflect a try –start for free(up to 10 users). Teamflect is a free project management tool that you can use if your project management needs are minimal.

Try Teamflect for free!

AtBot + PowerAutomate

AtBot is a powerful no-code chatbot solution that makes building logical chatbots a breeze! With PowerAutomate, AtBot was able to automate many processes while increasing team efficiency. With chatbot flow, you can instantly increase user productivity.


Mio is a great integration with Microsoft Teams that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to talk across borders. Mio is the must-have Microsoft Teams app for all companies that use different platforms to interact and communicate with other companies. You can easily chat with four or more companies on one common channel. Mio also enables users to react in real time to partners, suppliers and customers.

Does Microsoft have other project management tools?

And many other Microsoft project management tools! Here are some of the best Microsoft project management tools and how to use them:

Microsoft's planner– Microsoft Planner is one of the best project management tools in Teams. With Planner, you can identify multiple goals and write them down with cards, assign tasks to anyone on your team, add due dates, attach files and links, add checkboxes, and collaborate with team members based on feedback. Microsoft is also working on an OKR software called Viva Goals that will be integrated into Microsoft Teams.

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a Microsoft projecta Microsoft projectis a project management application from Microsoft that can be used in Microsoft Teams, a useful and easy-to-use application that will make any project a success. Additionally, you can quickly organize your projects with the ability to dynamically schedule based on the amount of work required, project duration, and the number of assigned team members.

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Power business intelligence– Microsoft Power BI helps your company collect, manage and analyze data from various sources. In the Office 365 environment, you can export data, create reports, make informed decisions and share content with colleagues. By connecting Power BI with Microsoft Teams, you can interact with reports in team channels.

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Microsoft Power Automation —Power Automate is a workflow automation platform that enables users to create automated workflows between applications and services. With Power Automate, you can collect data, synchronize files, and receive notifications.

Microsoft SharePoint –SharePoint enhances teamwork by creating useful and efficient team sites for any project, department, or department. Allows employees to share files, messages and resources with each other.

TL DR: Why should I use Microsoft Teams as my project management platform?

Project management is one of the best ways to use Microsoft Teams. When managing a project remotely, every aspect of that project needs to be present in the workflow at all times. Microsoft Teams helps leaders achieve this goal. With Microsoft Teams for project management, you can ensure your employees assign tasks, share feedback, and host project review meetings all under one roof.

With project management in Teams, users can seamlessly coordinate their projects without having to switch between different apps. By leveraging Microsoft Teams for project management, teams can streamline workflows and ensure effective collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

One of the standout features of Microsoft Teams is the ability to centralize project management activities. Used for project management, Microsoft Teams helps consolidate tasks, discussions, and project-related documents on the platform. Teams can easily access all the resources they need in one place. From creating and assigning tasks to tracking progress and deadlines, managing projects in Teams is simple. This consistent approach eliminates the need for multiple tools and keeps everything organized, saving you valuable time and effort.

When it comes to project management with Microsoft Teams, the platform offers a friendly interface and easy-to-use features that promote effective teamwork. With a clear understanding of individual and team responsibilities, everyone can take responsibility for their responsibilities. Help organizations communicate seamlessly, share updates, and brainstorm with built-in chat and video conferencing capabilities.

Some frequently asked questions:

What is project management?

project management is the discipline of project planning and implementation. Project management aims to complete project activities within a specific time frame by planning, designing, and sourcing resources to achieve specific goals.

The client or stakeholder sets the goals of the project. Project managers use project management methodologies to develop plans that define the necessary resources, tasks, milestones, and deliverables to meet stakeholder needs. The strategy must also consider the threefold constraints of time, money and scope of each project.

More important than team project management are its advantages. First, if done right, it will help everyone in the company run more efficiently. Secondly, it allows your team to focus on the important work without being interrupted by project shifts or budgets. Third, it allows them to see results that really impact the organization's goals. Thanks to this, employees can see how their work contributes to the company's strategic goals.

Microsoft Assignments —Microsoft To-Do is a cloud-based task management application that allows users to manage tasks from any device of their choice. With the Microsoft To Do app, you can easily create daily tasks and assignments.

How difficult is MS Project?

Since MS Project uses a database, all the data you enter about your project in Microsoft Project is stored in linked "tables". Due to the power and flexibility of Project, mistakes can be made when planning a project. If this happens, the data collected for project management will be faulty. Once a project has started, it is very difficult to change plans, so proper training is needed before starting a project.

But with time, patience and practice, you can easily learn to use MS Project yourself!

Is Microsoft Teams a project management tool?

Not himself. However, the true strength of the Microsoft Teams project management tool lies in its integration capabilities. Microsoft Teams supports a variety of apps in its ecosystem. Microsoft Teams integration with amazing project management tools like Teamflect can make Microsoft Teams the ultimate project management platform!

How to manage projects in Microsoft Teams?

If you're wondering how to use Teams to manage your projects, we've got the solution for you! Create a dedicated team for your project and add all relevant members. Create team channels to organize different aspects of your project. You can use channels and the Planner app (in Teams) to discuss specific tasks, share files, collaborate on related topics, and assign tasks that need to be done by certain deadlines.

Additionally, you can integrate other Teams project management apps like Teamflect for added functionality. Plan and host virtual meetings using the built-in conferencing features in Teams to keep your team up-to-date and quickly resolve any challenges or issues before they become a roadblock for everyone involved. Project management with Microsoft Teams is a great way to track project progress without leaving the collaboration tool.

How to use Microsoft Planner to manage projects?

Microsoft Planner is a project management tool that helps you organize and track tasks. First, create a project, give it a name and description. Add tasks to your plan by specifying details such as due date, description, and team member assignments. You can organize your tasks into segments or categories to keep them structured. Collaborate with your team by assigning tasks and allowing team members to access and update their tasks. Thanks to Microsoft Planner, you can effectively manage projects and optimize communication in your team.

final thoughts

With the incredible variety of performance management software out there, it's natural to get confused. one key thingRemote management of employeesThe point is to keep your employees from being overwhelmed by the software. That's why it's a good idea to use Microsoft Teams as your communication method and project management software. Although Teams itself is very intuitive if you use something like thisFlack's syndrome, will be the only project management software you'll ever need.

Schedule a free demo with Teamflect!

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