Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (2023)

We all use chat apps to maintain our relationships, share information, and keep in touch with our friends.discordis an application developed to help gamers communicate online in real time. It's like every other chat app we know but mostly used by gamers. Here people can login and chat while playing the game, although it's not just for players, anyone can use it besides playing the game to communicate with teammates.

Microphone issues happen to all of us when using VoIP apps. When they don't hear us it's very annoying, especially when we're playing and suddenly disappear out of nowhere like we're not there. We still are, but no one knew because of the microphone issue.

Discord not recognizing the microphone is a common problem faced by many users. When this problem occurs, you can hear others but cannot communicate. The microphone not recognized error seems to mainly appear via the downloaded desktop app and less frequently via the online version of Discord.

First troubleshooting steps to fix microphone input detection issues in Discord

Don't worry if you encounter a microphone input issue on Discord. With the help of this article, you can identify the cause of the problem and quickly solve it to get back to the conversation you started with your friends.

Test your microphone input on Discord

This step does not solve the problem by itself. You need to perform this check to confirm that the problem is Discord not detecting a microphone input.

Open your Discord app and:

  1. Euser settings🇧🇷 You can find it almost on the bottom left of the app with a gear logo, which usually serves to show each app's settings.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (1)
  1. choosevoice and videoand make onetest microphone🇧🇷 Click on the light purple button with the textLet's checkand see if you can hear your voice when Discord plays for you.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (2)
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (3)

If you can hear yourself, the problem is not with the microphone input. Try to think of other possible causes. (Maybe others accidentally muted you?)

However, if you can't hear anything during this test, then follow the methods below that we've put together to resolve Discord mic input detection issues.

(Video) Fix: Discord mic not working | Complete guide

Make sure Discord is using the correct microphone

Before we dive into troubleshooting microphones, make sure Discord is using the correct microphone. If the wrong device is selected, perhaps your webcam's microphone furthest away from you, you may end up not being able to recognize your voice.

To check the selected input device in Discord:

  1. Euser settingsClick on the gear icon in the lower left corner.
  2. Withinuser settingsLocate the header with the nameapp settings, then clickvoice and video.
  3. Here you see a caption in capital lettersinput device🇧🇷 Click on the dropdown menu and select your preferred microphone as input device.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (4)
  1. make sure thatinput volumeSlider that you can find just below theinput deviceDrop down menu, it's completely sold out. It should be in this position by default, but if it's not, drag it all the way down.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (5)

Now check if this helped you to solve Discord microphone not recognized issue.

What if you can't find your device in the drop-down menu because the microphone name isn't there?

Don't worry, there's a good chance you didn't allow Discord to use your microphone, leaving you with no options to choose from. Just follow the procedural steps below to allow Discord to use your microphone.

Allow Discord to use your microphone

This method ensures that you have the correct settings enabled in Windows to allow Discord to access your microphone. Find out how to do it:

  1. write itthe definition"in Windows search and press Enter
  2. ChooseprivacyPossibility.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (6)
  1. under the headlineApp Permissions, SelectMIC.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (7)
  1. Here's a paragraph about itAllow apps to access your microphone🇧🇷 Make sure the toggle switch is on.Within🇧🇷 (If it's not turned on, it won't work no matter what you try to configure in Discord, as it actively blocks apps from accessing the mic.)
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (8)
(Video) Fix "Grant Discord access to mic" | Discord Fix guide | Windows

Now Discord should be able to detect your microphone, but if for some reason you're still not getting any input, go back to the first method. If the problem persists after that, move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Quick fixes for Discord mic input issues

If you are looking for a quick fix because you are playing and chatting with your friends and you really don't have much time to fix the problem properly, try the following methods. That's not to say that this won't fix Discord not detecting the mic forever, but there's a chance these fixes will only work temporarily and you'll have mic input detection issues again at some point.

Quit Discord and close the app completely

Maybe it wasn't the microphone that caused the problem. If you are a desktop user, try closing Discord completely. Before exiting the application, however, exit it by clicking on the familiar gear icon calleduser settingsand select thatclose sessionOption at the bottom of the left scroll menu.

After logging out and closing Discord completely, restart the app and log back in. Now check if the microphone input detection issue has been resolved.

Disconnect audio from your computer

Close Discord andseparateyour audio/microphone or USB jack, or unplug your bluetooth microphone. The point is, no matter what type of audio/mic you use, avoid connecting it to your PC. After disconnecting, wait a few seconds and thenplug in or plug in again, laterreopen discordand see if that helped solve the microphone issue.

restart your computer

Restarting your computer can solve many types of problems, although it's not a proven "works for everyone" solution for everything. It's worth trying as it's a simple exercise.Turn off your PC, and if you want to be 100% sure that you reset the entire system,Disconnect your modem/routeralso to clear the memory and let the capacitors run empty. To literally reboot the entire system, wait a few minutes between disconnecting and connecting the router/modem.

connect everything,press the start buttonon your PC and check if clearing the accumulated memory helped to solve Discord not recognizing microphone issue.

Run Discord as Administrator

If nothing has helped so far,Open Discord als Administrator.

Note: Discord uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to send data to other Discord users. UDP is one of the fundamental Internet protocols, developed to allow applications to send short messages to other hosts on an Internet Protocol (IP) network quickly. In short, it guarantees that your friends will receive what you send, in this case your vote. The Discord app may not have the necessary permissions to send your language packs over the internet. To make sure this isn't the cause of the problem, try running Discord as an administrator.

Running Discord as an administrator is very simple. Before opening, right-click on the desktop icon and select the "Run as administrator" option.

Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (9)
(Video) Why isn't My Headset Mic Working & How do I Fix it? - Windows & Software Settings

Now all you have to do is check if this helped you to solve your microphone input problem.

Advanced solutions to Discord microphone input detection issues

Reset language settings in Discord

According to users who have experienced Discord not detecting their microphone before, this solution is definitely a safe bet. If you're still with us without encountering an unfinished game session, follow this guide:

  1. click nouser settingslocated in the lower left corner of Discord.
  2. under the headlineapp settings, click invoice and video.
  3. Scroll down where you will see red text in a boxReset language settingsand click on it.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (10)
  1. confirm by pressingCorresponding.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (11)
  1. Reconnect your microphone and see if this helped you to solve the Discord microphone not recognized issue.

Test the automatic input sensitivity

If automatic input sensitivity is disabled, there may be a problem with microphone input detection. In this scenario, it could happen that the manual sensitivity slider moves too far to the right and your speech volume stays consistently below that, meaning your microphone never activates in Discord. By enabling automatic input sensitivity, you allow Discord to determine the appropriate sensitivity level to correctly capture your voice.

To enable this feature:

  1. click inuser settingsin the lower left corner.
  2. so deepapp settings, Selectvoice and video.
  3. Scroll down until you see theinput sensitivityHeader and shifterWithinNextAutomatically determine input sensitivity.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (12)

Start speaking and see if the gray bar under the stick turns green like in the image above. If yes, it means Discord is finally broadcasting your voice, so it must have helped you to solve Discord microphone not recognized issue. Otherwise, continue to the next method below.

Try to speak

It is even difficult to switch the input modelanguage activityonepress to speakrequires you to hold down a defined key on the keyboard when you want to speak, this can be a fix for Discord not detecting microphone issue. It's a little strange, but we encourage you to try it. If you just can't get used to it or it's preventing you from playing fluently, you'll find another solution later in this collection.

Note: Using Push to Talk does not affect the performance of your computer.

Suitable for push-to-talk:

(Video) How to Fix All Microphone Not Working Issues in Windows 10/8/7

  1. Navigate touser settings
  2. Clowvoice and videoleft under the sectionapp settings.
  3. Check the empty box next topress to speakto activate it.
  4. You will see theminput sensitivitybar change toshortcut. click noRecord key combinationTaste.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (13)
  1. If you see a box belowshortcutwith red border and astop recordingIn it, click the mouse or keyboard button that you want to use as a push-talk button. You will see your chosen key appear in this field. Until you stop recording, you can change your mind and press a different button instead of the existing one. We recommend that you choose a key combination close to the movement keys (WASD) if you are a gamer.
Discord not recognizing the microphone? How to fix the problem - Troubleshooting Center (14)
  1. give clickstop recordingOnce you've chosen your keyboard shortcut, you're good to go.

Now try to see if pressing to speak helped to solve the Discord microphone not recognized issue.

Update your audio driver

If the simplest solutions didn't help, there may be an issue with your audio driver. An outdated driver or simply a corrupted file can cause problems with microphone input detection. To get the correct audio driver for your computer, you can update it manually or automatically. It depends what you prefer.

To manually update the audio driver

There are different types of audio drivers, so we can't list step-by-step guides for all of them. You need to go to the audio card manufacturer's website and look for the latest driver to download. Before downloading, make sure the driver you choose is compatible with the version of Windows installed on your PC.

Update audio drivers automatically

If you have no idea what audio device you have, you can try to update it automatically with driver update software. These applications will scan your system, detect all available devices, and then find the latest drivers for your devices, e.g. B. Your audio card compatible with the type and version of Windows you are using.

There are many driver update tools on the market, both paid and free. Do your research and choose the one that best suits your needs.


We hope this article helped you fix your microphone issue. If you're still having trouble, check out our more general microphone troubleshooting articlemicrophone not working on windows 10.

If nothing workedachieve discordand ask for help with your microphone input detection issue. In the meantime, you can try deleting and reinstalling the Discord app as a last resort, or temporarily switch to the online version if your mic works there.

Let us know what worked in the end in the comments.


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