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New social media automation tools appear every other day. Tools like Buffer, HootSuite, and CoSchedule have led the way in social media automation software. Each of these tools serves a slightly different market. So, do you need another content discovery and automation tool? Does the world need an alternative to Buffer? ANDContent Studioa buffer killer? This content curation tool is aBuzzsumoAlternative?

This comprehensive ContentStudio review looks at the ins and outs of my favorite social media management tool. If you're looking to upgrade or replace your current social media scheduling tool, or just want to get started with a feature-rich social media management platform, look no further.

I work as a full-time content marketer and have used Contentstudio extensively for my own projects and for my clients' social media channels. It has tons of features and a beautiful user interface. Overall I think it's a great tool for any agency or freelancer who needs web and social content management.

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  • Update: You can now post directly to Instagram andTick ​​Thank youmake content studio.
  • Upgrade: CraftingTwitter topics with high growth potentialdirectly in the Social Media Composer section of ContentStudio
  • Easily publish carousel posts to Facebook from the media library and schedule posts for later dates
  • Publish videos directly from ContentStudio to Google My Business
  • Post from the app as a page OR profile to Facebook groups


  1. ContentStudio: One Tool to Master Them All?
    • AI subtitles
    • Configuration of applications and social accounts
  2. Discover
    • content source
    • Influencer Discovery
  3. Post
    • Composer - Sharing content
    • Automation of blogs and social networks
    • Planer
  4. Analyze
  5. input box
  6. voice help
  7. Help, notifications and tips
  8. What else do you get with ContentStudio?
  9. ContentStudio alternatives
  10. Why you need a social media management tool
  11. How to use a social media marketing tool

ContentStudio: One Tool to Master Them All?

I want to say right away that I am a fan of this product. I've used all of the competitors and ContentStudio beats most if not all. Let me tell you why.

  1. Pricing plans compared to other social media tools with similar features are very competitive
  2. Öfree accountoffers up to 500 posts per month. All paid plans allow unlimited posts on social networks every month
  3. The content curation and automation tool is very effective and is a feature that ContentStudio's competitors lack.
  4. The ability to schedule recurring posts with different content across different social media channels is great.
  5. The Evergreen tool gives you the ability to set up a publishing schedule for content that you want to publish at specific intervals.
  6. The content discovery feature is easy to use, great for finding compelling content to post, and syncs with your publishing automation tools.
  7. Integrations with other tools like Pocket, content spinners, link shorteners, Feedly, and Replug put your marketing efforts into action.
  8. Usability of the whole platform and constant improvements by the development team.
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There's a lot more, but these are the main points.

Before we jump into the in-depth analysis, let's first talk about one of the newer features (launched in 2023) called AI Subtitles.

AI subtitles

ContentStudio's AI subtitles feature is a bit likeChatGPTÖCopiar.aiChat Features:Create custom AI-generated contentTailored to your audience, you'll save time and ensure your posts are as effective as possible.

The AI ​​is optimized to create content tailored to your niche. You can also set the duration of your post and the AI ​​will automatically adjust the content accordingly.

Add relevant (auto-generated) hashtags, choose your tone of voice (funny, professional, enthusiastic, etc.) and choose the number of variations to choose from.

Create tweet ideas, Instagram captions and inspirational quotes. Click to instantly improve your content or expand on a sentence or idea. summarize the text or content of a URL. Make a list of pros and cons. And more.

This is an extremely impressive feature and a very welcome addition to the social media management platform, which is a huge time saver for any social media manager.

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Configuration of applications and social accounts

This part is child's play.

Create your account hereand add some social media profiles. With just a few clicks you are ready to go. If you have an agency or work with social media marketers, you can add othersSettings > Team MembersSection. (Team members are available on the Small Business plan and up)

connect accounts

ContentStudio currently supportsTikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin und Tumblr.

You can also connect your WordPress blog, Shopify blog, Tumblr account, or Medium to allow posting to your blog from ContentStudio.

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Social media profiles are added to workspaces that group multiple social media accounts from one or more companies. This speeds up planning and allows more detailed access for team members. If you work with clients or have multiple companies, it makes sense to add accounts for each company to a workspace.

The integration
ContentStudio gives you the ability to use simple URLs (no trimming or tracking) in social posts. If you prefer link shortening and/or tracking features, your choices are (see below), ContentStudio's own shortened links (, the popular link shortening service, and Firebase.Dynamic Links .

BagAn app that allows you to save content to read offline later. It's a great tool for content creation and a source of ideas. ContentStudio integrates directly with Pocket, allowing you to automatically schedule saved articles for later publication.

reconnectis an app that allows you to add a call-to-action to any link you share. The call-to-action gives content readers the opportunity to get in touch with your company (via the web or by phone). Replug's retargeting pixel feature allows you to create custom audiences of people who clicked on your shared posts. Great for later retargeting on Facebook or Adwords ads. Automatically integrate Replug into your scheduled posts and you have extra marketing power.

ConnectFeedly, a feed reader for content curation, directly in ContentStudio with one click. You can add new source content directly into your content marketing plan.

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content source

Search: Find trending content

The Search tab consists of two parts: content sources and information. First, let's look at the content sources.

This is one of the areas where ContentStudio really shines. EITHERContent DiscoveryThe feature is great for quickly finding new content and hot topics across all platforms. Currently, the internet search platforms or domains are:

Web Articles: Search the web for publications and news related to your target topic, or use trending search for inspiration. The site features articles from Pinterest, Facebook, and Reddit.

Twitter: Discover, share and retweet already viral tweets.

You can filter by most shares, number of Facebook shares, Reddit shares, and popularity on Pinterest. Change your search dates, world location and language to really find specific topics.

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In the Insights tab, you can see some useful stats for topics based on number of shares, when topics are shared (day of the week and yearly trends), sentiment, average engagement on each social network, and popular content types. . You can also get word count information for popular topics. These statistics can be very useful when creating a content marketing plan.

In addition, you can also find a list of author names and websites that publish the most on the topic you are researching. This is great for creating content marketing strategies,find influencers(discovery of influencers) and distribution of backlinks and guest posts.

Feeds - Add content sources

You can add keywords or domain names to monitor as sources that appear in the content detection panel. Another great feature is the ability to add RSS feeds to your content sources. And if you like content produced by certain Facebook Pages, add them as sources too, so they appear first.


Follow curated topics or create your own based on keywords or domains. Set up smart filters to only show searches related to your specific topics.

Want to find Facebook ad content that was posted online in the UK in the last week in English that is also trending and getting a lot of shares on Facebook? ContentStudio finds it for you.

Looking for the most popular CrossFit Facebook posts “by engagement” that also include links, photos, or videos? It only takes seconds to filter relevant content and video marketing content.

Advantages:Very easy to find content quickly in many niches with fine granularity. Fast user interface and very well presented results.
Opposites:Some content may be irrelevant and almost always requires customization.

Influencer Discovery

Find the perfect influencers for your business on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube by applying one of the many filters. Discover the people who get the most shares. Find influencers based on engagement, follower count, follower count, average engagement and relevance. Sort accounts by number of tweets, total bots, total YouTube views, total runtime, number of subscribers, and video engagement.

You can also find relevant influencers based on country and language. Select US, UK or another English speaking country if you want to limit to a common language. Or simply select the appropriate language. Save social accounts in lists for better management or reach analysis.

Use the influencers feature to find highly relevant people to collaborate with or find out what works for them. Steal your ideas and develop a marketing strategy based on verified data.

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Composer - Sharing content

In the upper right corner of the ContentStudio interface is the "Create" button. Click on it to open a new page with two options:blog entryÖpost on social media.

I'm not a fan of the blog post (share) feature, preferring to use the native WordPress interface. But it can be a time saver if you maintain multiple blogs, since you can write and submit posts without logging in and navigating to the WordPress Recent Posts section. However, Composer offers some advantages and is worth exploring. It's a great option for working with virtual assistants or team members. Give access to the composer without giving access to your WordPress blog. You can then approve and publish the content once the post has passed your reviews.

The composer tool is feature-rich, offering the full range of formatting options, as well as the ability to drag and drop content and links from topics you've researched.


Check your post's SEO score before submitting it using the "Check Score" feature in the lower-right corner of the composer window.

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Use the Content Finder Assistant and drag it into the editor to publish or schedule. Find images, quotes, links, tweets and content from Pocket, or add your own images, designs or videos.

Set tasks to be completed or comment on current drafts. View the post's activity and revision history as you and your team work on it.

post preview

There are 4 options to publish:

  1. Post Now – Does what it promises. Send this publication to the world immediately. Selecting this option (and the Schedule option) gives you the option to repeat a post's schedule at hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly intervals.
  2. Schedule: Add the post to a future time slot. You can also repeat the booking plan.
  3. Queue: Publish the update in the next slot determined by the queue. Waiting times are defined inSettings (click the arrow next to the circle with your initials in the upper-right corner) > Social Accounts > Change queue times.
  4. Evergreen Queue - Add your contribution to your Evergreen campaigns. These campaigns are groups of social media posts that repeat at specific intervals. Ideal for your important social media campaigns.

If you want to change the content of each platform, please turn offSame content for everyoneSlider and edit any social media channel account post to your heart's content. Great for adding hashtags to Twitter but keeping them out of a Facebook post, for example. The content on Facebook can also be of any length.

Below the section where you add content to the post, you will find aAdvertisementSection that updates as you enter or edit content. The tabs at the top of the preview window allow you to switch between social accounts to get a visual representation of how your post will look on each platform. Very helpful.

Advantages:Ideal for publishing on multiple platforms. The evergreen and repetitive programming options are exceptional. Viewing content is a better experience than any competing app.
Opposites:Composer's page search function is basic and does not support the AND or OR operators.

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Automation of blogs and social networks

Click the Automation link in the sidebar to access the Automation Recipes section. This is one of the most powerful areas of ContentStudio. There are five types of automation options.

ContentStudio Review: The Best Social Media Management Tool - Fat Frog Media (7)

Article links to social networks.
For curating quality content and posting to social media on autopilot, you can't beat this feature. It works like this:

  1. Create a campaign and add social media profiles to post.
  2. Upload topic keywords that you've already created in the Content Discovery section. Or you can add phrases or words to the "Include Keywords" section.
  3. Include domains if you want to narrow the focus
  4. Exclude keywords that are not appropriate for the campaign.
  5. Exclude domains if you want to avoid content from these sources.
  6. Choose from some very detailed selection options such as post size, post region, language, age and social engagement. These options can help create a laser-focused campaign.
  7. Add a replug call-to-action for your retargeting pixel (optional)
  8. Additional hashtags.

Adding or removing these filter options will open a preview window on the right showing you how your posts will look. The guys from ContentStudio have thought of everything here. This is an extremely useful feature that takes the guesswork out of your campaigns.

In the next step, you can schedule posts on a recurring, queued, or custom basis. Schedule on hourly, daily, or weekly intervals.

You can even review posts before they go live, which adds an extra layer of security. This could be a task for a VA or someone on their team to ensure nothing untoward is made public.

RSS feed for social networks
Share content from blogs and other channels on social media channels. This is a huge time saver for websites that regularly publish content. Just click Post to WordPress and let ContentStudio publish the social posts.

blog article

Publish articles to your WordPress blog, Tumblr or Medium. Check the "Enable Social Sharing" option to automatically post every published blog post to social channels.

Filtering and posting options are the same as article links for social media automation, so I won't go into that here. Suffice it to say that this is a great option if you plan to publish content on your blog on a regular basis. It's hard to see a real need for this since you're not creating as much value for your customers and adding duplicate content to your site.

bulk loader
Many marketers save their social media posts to a Google spreadsheet for reuse. If you don't already, it's easy to set up and can make adding content a breeze. It also makes moving social media automation platforms easier.

An easy way to automate adding your social posts to a spreadsheet or CSV file is to use a service likeZapierÖMake (formerly Integromat)

Once you have some posts in the right format in your CSV file, upload the file to ContentStudio and let the magic begin.

How Evergreen Post Scheduling works:

  • Create a campaign and add your social accounts like other automation recipes.
  • Choose your time and interval configuration.
  • Add images, links, videos, text or anything else you want to a "Content Area" and click the "Add" button. For an evergreen campaign you need at least two posts. You can also add Replug CTA.

After you save the campaign, it will run as long as you want according to your schedule. A true set and forget system, similar to Meet Edgar but at a fraction of the price.


The scheduler shows all pending, published, reviewed, rejected, failed, and unverified posts in list or calendar view. Switch between views to see your posts better, or edit them in the list.

Filter posts by the following statuses:

Planned, Released, Obsolete, Rejected, In Review, Lost Review, Draft.

If you're working with a team, the Assigned To and Created By filters will help you find what you're looking for. You can also create tags and filter by Composer campaigns and content categories.

And if that's not enough, choose from Playback Only, Video Automation, Article Automation, Evergreen, RSS, CSV Automation, and Queued Posts. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

ContentStudio Review: The Best Social Media Management Tool - Fat Frog Media (8)


Think of this space as the hub for social media analytics reports for your company, workspaces, and social media accounts. Get an overview of engagement across all social accounts or view individual accounts. The breakdown gives you a good idea of ​​what type of content strategy works best for your Facebook page, Twitter account, Linkedin profile, Pinterest account, or Instagram.

Use social media analytics reports to discover top post times and changes in "fan" engagement. Easily see which posts are getting the most attention and what other metrics are important. If you want to see how your Facebook Page or a competitor's Facebook Page is doing, this is a good place to start.

Create scheduled reports or share analytics reports on social media channels for clients or your team.

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input box

Some companies have built their business around the consolidation of news flows and contact channels from social media channels. ContentStudio offers this function in the dashboard. The Inbox feature is a real time saver and a great way to manage, measure, and act on the people and businesses interacting with your business.

You can do a lot here.

  • Reply to messages directly
  • Mark accounts for order
  • View and edit user details directly in the inbox
  • Assign messages to team members or another workspace user
  • Provide customer support in one place
ContentStudio Review: The Best Social Media Management Tool - Fat Frog Media (10)

voice help

Non-English speakers rejoice! ContentStudio works in French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Albanian, Danish, Serbian, Hungarian, Russian, Indonesian, Thai and Hindi. There's a wide range to choose from, including a few less specific languages.

Add RSS feeds and find content in discovery mode in any of these languages.

Help, notifications and tips

What I love about ContentStudio is the little features that guide you in building your social media marketing strategy. In the upper right corner of the screen you will find the latest changes and notification sources.

  • The Recent Changes section is great for finding out what the developers have created. You might find some new features to use. The ContentStudio team updates these regularly.
  • The Notifications section notifies you when, for example, there aren't enough posts queued for an automation campaign. The recommendation could be to add more keywords or change your strategy.
  • In the bottom left corner of the screen you will find the help section. There is a guided tour for beginners or anyone who needs a refresher.
  • The helpdesk is used to answer questions from the team. You can also use the chat that appears in the lower right corner. The support team is responsive and helpful.
  • The knowledge base takes you to the ContentStudio documentation, which covers most things.
  • The public roadmap helps you keep up with new developments. i love this part
  • The system status shows the current status of the platform. Useful to check if something doesn't seem to be working.

What else do you get with ContentStudio?

  • AChrome extensionthat helps you curate and share content right from your browser.
  • LikeIOS and Android application
  • For small business owners or agency plans, theWhite-Label-OptionIt's a great resource.
  • great helpby a highly dedicated team that is always improving and listening to user feedback

should you buy it It's a great alternative to Buffer or Hootsuite and offers a lot more than either of those tools. If you're looking for an alternative to Buzzsumo, the Content Curation Tool results may be just what you need. Both tools offer slightly different types of relevant content, but ContentStudio offers manyFunctionalities than the BuzzsumoIt has, but at a much better price. And there's a money-back guarantee for new plans. So you have nothing to lose by trying.

If you're looking for a way to schedule content across multiple social media accounts, increase your content marketing output, curate great content from around the world, and do all of this on one robust platform with an easy-to-use interface is ContentStudio ticks the box A great choice, we use it daily and have for over 2 years. It's definitely a real "content study"

ContentStudio alternatives


Metricool is a social media analytics tool that provides one-click reports on key metrics in seconds. Features include performance monitoring, brand monitoring, hashtag tracking, and of course, the ability to schedule social media content. It also has iOS and Android apps so you can track metrics anytime on your mobile device.


While Later doesn't offer the content discovery capabilities of ContentStudio, it is a powerful tool for planning, analyzing, and publishing your content in advance. It is very popular and has built a loyal following over the many years it has been in existence.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot has been a trusted name in the industry for many years and has a loyal following. It is a powerful, feature-rich platform that is very stable and easy to use.

SocialPilot features:

  • Social calendar to see the big picture and the smallest details of your plans
  • Analysis on Instagram
  • Create and share white label reports for clients
  • Manage Facebook Boost Posts
  • Content Recovery


While both products are similarly priced, ContentStudio is easier to use and offers more features. On the other hand, Hootsuite offers phone support and training. While Hootsuite's accessibility and help features are better suited for beginners and non-professionals, ContentStudio's interface is easier to navigate and the tools are more intuitive.

shock absorber

ContentStudio offers 10 social media accounts for $39, while Buffer's pricing starts at $5 per social media account (paid annually), making ContentStudio ideal for social media managers with more than one handful of accounts more affordable.

Buffer offers a free plan and direct scheduling on Instagram. ContentStudio offers Instagram programming through Zapier. ContentStudio can connect to additional platforms including YouTube and Google My Business.


OneUp features include:

  • Programming Twitter topics.
  • Automate posts via RSS
  • Canva-Integration
  • Unique features:
  • Hashtag-Generator
  • Schedule posts with multiple images

This tool has many of the same features that ContentStudio offers. However, you can choose this based on UI considerations (very important if you spend a lot of time in the app). Price is another consideration. OneUp's free plan allows 2 social media profiles. The starter plan costs $18 per month but allows up to 150 scheduled posts and more.

Get a free assessment

Why you need a social media management tool

The simple answer is to save time, resources and money.. Let the software do the time-consuming social media marketing so you can focus on more important things.

Of course, your entire social media strategy shouldn't be hands-off. If you appear impersonal and robotic to your fans and customers, they will not feel comfortable and confused about your business. Interacting with customers, fans and even haters on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms is crucial.

ContentStudio Review: The Best Social Media Management Tool - Fat Frog Media (11)

That being said, automating regular tasks like content maintenance and retweeting can save a lot of time and doesn't have to look impersonal or spammy. Scheduling posts and tweets about your new blog posts, special offers, and discounts can benefit your customers and fans.

How to use a social media marketing tool

First, nobody likes being bombarded with the same content over and over again. Spam lives and breathes on social media just as much as it doesemail channels. It's difficult to get noticed on social media, but there's a fine line between posting too much and posting too little. Test, evaluate and adapt. This is the key to successful social programming and automation.

Don't post to Facebook every 2 minutes. Not only does this annoy people, but it also sends a signal to the Facebook algorithm that your content is of low value (low engagement means low quality = less visibility).

Use the scheduling features of a smart social media marketing automation platform to post regularly without being intrusive. Vary your booking times. Vary the content. Change titles and hashtags. Setting up this whole "natural looking" post schedule can take some time on some platforms. it is hereContent Studioshines

ContentStudio Review: The Best Social Media Management Tool - Fat Frog Media (12)


Which social media tool is the best? ›

Best Social Media Management Software of 2023
  • Best Overall: Sprout Social.
  • Best for Analytics: Hootsuite.
  • Best All-in-One Tool: Zoho.
  • Best for Automation: MeetEdgar.
  • Best for Large Teams: Loomly.
  • Best Integration: Sendible.
  • Best Budget Option: Buffer.
  • Best for Small Teams: SocialPilot.

Are social media management tools worth it? ›

Social media management tools are a necessity for businesses that want to succeed on social media. These tools help you save time and improve your online presence. There are many different social media management tools available, so find the one that works best for you and start using it today!

Is the most popular and effective tool in social media management? ›

Hootsuite stands out as one of the most comprehensive social media management tools on the list. Along with its competitors, Hootsuite lets users schedule social media content in advance, select times when their audience is most likely to be engaged and use an interactive planner to review scheduled content.

How do I choose a social media management tool? ›

9 things to consider when evaluating a social media tool
  1. User experience. You're likely to be using this tool regularly, maybe even daily. ...
  2. Analytics & reporting. ...
  3. Team collaboration tools. ...
  4. Customer support. ...
  5. Training. ...
  6. Security. ...
  7. Integrations. ...
  8. Pricing.
Feb 9, 2017

What are the big 4 of social media tools? ›

You also need to promote that content, and the big four social media channels, with users numbering in the billions, comprise the world's largest audience.
  • Twitter. Monthly users: ~320 million. ...
  • Facebook. Monthly users: ~2.5 billion. ...
  • LinkedIn. Monthly users: ~260 million. ...
  • Instagram. Monthly users: ~1 billion.
Jan 20, 2020


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